“We care about Listening, to discover the point of view of who works with us.
We care about Others, so that we can realize the best projects by exceeding what they desire. We care about Harmony, to achieve together the set goals”.

Giulio Merlo, CEO Merlo.

Merlo is one of the best established  player in the event and live communication industry, both at the national and international level.  Merlo realizes events and communication campaigns based on the perfect integration of traditional and innovative tools, aiming to combine both the emotional and digital dimensions.

Thanks to its long experience, its creativity, and its constant attention to the needs of the clients, Merlo agency interprets their requests and expectations through a partnership approach: Merlo seeks a consultant relationship by sharing the customer’s goals, and provides communication projects that efficiently support the latter’s commercial strategies.

Caring about Listening.

Caring about Others.

Caring about Harmony.

This is the value formula of Merlo’s DNA, which characterizes its way of working both internally and externally. The intuition of a new insight, the development of a successful project, as well as the business growth of the agency are all results of a tireless team work generated by these three values.

Merlo agency has been operating in the event industry for more than 30 years. Its ability to evolve following the main trends and to embrace innovation over time are the cornerstones of the agency’s constant growth, placing the company amongst the most important players in the sector. This is how Merlo has reached success in a very competitive scenario, and this is also how Merlo aims to keep growing over time.

Merlo S.p.A. is certified ISO:9001 e ISO 14001
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