Launch of the New A Class

The most extraordinary thing for a car to make is being almost human. This was the starting point for a concept that relied on the most human-like trait AI can aim to reach: the creation of an artwork, specifically, a portrait that builds on the launch campaign tagline“Just like you”. From this concept Merlo developed the innovative and integrated campaign for the new A Class, that thanks to the new infotainment technology (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), revolutionizes the interaction between the driver and the car.
During a teaser phase, an ambient guerrilla took place in various Italian piazzas where an AI-guided robot took portraits of bystanders. Then, the out of home phase was about the streaming of a mysterious creative hub where the AI-guided robots where drawing out their portraits. In the Reveal phase, a video clarified connection between the event and the product.

Social media and Digital: over 30 influencers invited their followers to visit the webpage “” and have their portrait sketched out. In the dealership events, 90 dealerships simultaneously took part in the open-weekend where people could visit to collect their personal portrait, engage in an immersive experience inside the creative hub and interact with the car before embarking on a test drive.