Wanderlust Rome and Barcelona

Jeep played a main role during the global movement Wanderlust 108 in Rome and Barcelona as the two have many things in common as the wish to discover, to explore new dimensions, and the passion for the sport, especially surf and yoga: it is well know that surfers practice lots of yoga to prepare themselves to surf competitions.

At the fantastic Jeep Yoga Lounge the visitors had the chance to discover the brand, to make test drive and to practice yoga and surfset yoga: in Barcelona with the expert Esther Fernández; in Rome with Valentina Vitale, winner of the talent show “Italy pro surfer”, national and European champion of shortboard and trainer of the national team for the newt Olympic games 2020.

Moreover in the spaces dedicated to Jeep, visitors had the chance to participate to the workshops held by the no profit association Professional Women’s Network (PWN) about the connection between exercise and mental, physical and emotional well-being.